Insulated Solar & Tinted Glass

Sound reduction and energy conservation are why we insulate our windows. Two pieces of glass are bonded together with a minimum thickness airspace in between. The airspace contains a vacuum or gas under pressure so no moisture or air can enter. There are minimum and maximum airspaces that we need to be concerned with. There are optimum glass thicknesses as well as color and coating that we need to know about when determining exactly what combinations will work best in each situation. Another variable is the material used when sealing the windows. Do we need a double seal or will the longevity and economy of a single seal system work for our purposes? How about gas inside our units and then which gas? Maybe a piece of laminated glass for either the front or back piece would be needed? Maybe there are reasons for mixing annealed and tempered glass together. We may need security from human or meteorological events and with Décor Glass we can add that into our planning also.


It might not even be necessary to go through the expense of removing the existing monolithic glass to replace with new insulated glass units. Décor Glass is noted for designing solutions for just such situations; ones where you can save that outside layer and supplement it with an even more efficient hybrid interior sealed window system using the latest in modern technology while achieving savings previously not even conceived of. Décor Glass has the expertise to work with your architects and designers to give you the best combination of all of these at the right price and within the right timeframe.


 Single Piece Glass Thickness 
1/8 to 3/4 Inch 
 Typical Application 
Apartments and Condos


Shopping Malls


Store Front Windows
Argon gas.





Energy Star and Leeds potential
Greatly reduced sound levels

Greener building environment

Improved morale from increased employee comfort

Lower heating and A./C costs (HVAC Savings)

Potential Government Energy Tax Credits.
 Type of Glass 
Bronze Glass – 2 shades
Grey Glass – 3 shades

Laminated Glass – one or both sides

Low Iron – no tinting, no color

Metallic Invisible coatings – multiple colors

Soda Lime – Standard green tinted
 Size (LxW) 
108 X 108 Inch
from 7/16 up to 1 1/8
 Product Volume 
Quick Turnarounds
Short or production Runs
 Secondary Operations 
Acid Etching
Bullet Proof Glass

Patterned Glass

Sand Blasting

Screen Printing