Furniture Products

Glass well used in design and decorating can really open up those ever shrinking spaces. The days of big and bulky furniture are gone. Today’s emphasis is on how best to use glass and mirrors to help our furniture pieces radiate an open, spaciousness and airy feeling throughout a home, store or office. Décor Glass Specialties, Inc. has the unique and complete set of abilities to help manufacturers, dealers and individuals go from design and prototype all the way to receiving small lots or truckloads of the glass and plastic parts needed by your operations.

What is so special about us is that we supply you the finished fabricated product with all the desired operations already completed before it hits your dock. Your PA doesn’t have to get the glass from over here, fabricate and edge it there, temper it elsewhere or send it somewhere else to have it silvered, etched, printed or antiqued. We do it for you.

If you need safety glass we supply not just tempered, heat strengthened or laminated but we combine tempered and annealed into one unit to give that extra durability while still preventing any unwarranted penetration.

  • Sandblasting, Carving & Acid Etching
  • Fabrication, Drilling, Water Jet and Edging
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Laminated Graphics
  • Colored and Tinted Glass
  • Process Colors & Halftones
  • Glass Bending
  • Mirror Graphics
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Distortion Printing with Vacuum Forms
  • Ceramic Decorating on Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Acrylics & other Plastic Printing
  • Glass UV Bonding
  • Stained and Leaded Glass
  • Insulated or Monolithic


 Single Piece Glass Thickness 
Up to 1 Inch 
 Typical Application 
Cocktail Tables

Dining Tables

Permanent Ceramic Designs on Glass

Bronze (2 shades)

DuPont Glass™

Greylite (3 shades)

Guardian Glass™

Low Iron Glass (Water White Clear)

Multiple vacuum metalized tints

Real and Simulated Etches

Reverse printed décor

Silver and Antique Mirrors

Soda Lime Glass
Creativity / Product Differentiation
Low cost and fast Service

Professional Quality
 Type of Glass 
Insulated or Monolithic

Low Iron

Soda Lime

Stained and Leaded glass
 Size (LxW) 
2 x 2 up to 102 x 144 Inch 
 Product Volume 
Prototypes to Production 

Additional Information

 Secondary Operations 
Acid Etching
Acrylics & other Plastic Printing


Bullet Proof Glass

Ceramic Decorating on Glass

Digital Printing

Distortion Printing with Vacuum Forms



Glass Bending

Laminated Graphics

Mirror Graphics

Patterned Glass

Process Colors & Halftones

Sand Blasting

Screen Printing