Decorative Glass

Do you want to use glass to tell a story, enhance a display, create a mood in your office or store, whatever your goals are, we can help you with the design and do the manufacturing just the way YOU want it. We work with your ideas to create the image you’re after. We don’t just sell glass, we make the things you conceive really happen.


From major municipalities to home remodels and interior designs all the way to restaurants and offices, we offer quick turnaround, using only top of the line products such as: GuardianGlass™, DupontGlass™, and DecoTherm™. We provide very personalized customer care, working with each client individually to devote complete attention to every project. 


Contact us today to place your order—we serve the entire nation from our central location in Florida as well as the affiliates in the USA, Mexico and China.


  • Sandblasting & Acid Etching
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Laminated Graphics
  • Colored and Tinted Glass
  • Process Colors & Halftones
  • Glass Bending
  • Mirror Graphics
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Distortion Printing with Vacuum Forms
  • Bottles
  • Ceramic Decorating on Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Acrylics & other Plastic Printing
  • Stained and Leaded Glass
  • Insulated or Monolithic


 Single Piece Glass Thickness 
1 Inch 
 Typical Application 
Home Remodels
Interior Designs

Medical Offices


Elevator Cabs
Outside Signage


Low cost and fast Service
Professional Quality
 Type of Glass 
Insulated or Monolithic

Low Iron

Soda Lime

Stained and Leaded 

Chemically Strengthened
Tempered and Heat Strengthened
Size (LxW) 
2 x 2 up to 102 x 144 Inch 
Product Volume 
Prototypes to Production 
Secondary Operations 
Acid Etching
Acrylics & other Plastic Printing


Bullet Proof Glass

Ceramic Decorating on Glass

Digital Printing

Distortion Printing with Vacuum Forms



Glass Bending

Laminated Graphics

Mirror Graphics

Patterned Glass

Process Colors & Halftones

Sand Blasting

Screen Printing